Ok, if the guy looks like he’s winning, he was on our team. Not because we’re the greatest, but because I didn’t keep any when they lost.*

This trip was a blast.

When we got there Wednesday night, we set up “camp” in the gymnasium. They slept on the wrestling mats. I laid down on them and immediately thought, “Aw, hell naw.” So I need up sleeping in the rental SUV (not the most comfortable thing in the world, but better then the mats.

The next day we wrestled until mid-afternoon. All of our guys did fairly well. Some good wins and some tough losses. One of our wrestlers landed on his shoulder and separated it (we found out the next morning). That night we played hide-and-seek in the dark and basketball. I’m good at neither.

Friday, we also wrestled until mid-afternoon. The plan was for the kids to have an individual bracket (weight class, single-elimination, no teams) on Saturday morning. We decided we had time to do it that night, so we did.

Two of our guys took 1st. One of which went against his teammate in the finals. They went into overtime. It was pretty intense, actually. Afterwards, we all went to see a movie.

After the movie, the kids played hide-and-seek in the dark again, but I sat out. Good thing too. Apparently, a couple of our boys decided to hide on the roof of an adjacent Catholic school. The custodian inside heard them running around and called the police. The cop was unimpressed, but let them off with a stern warning (thank god).

Then today, we slept in some, got up, cleaned the gym, and went to a water park. There was a water-slide that literally stuck you in a tube, closed a door on you, only to reveal that you were standing on a trap-door… with a sheer drop (that’s not an exaggeration, there was no angle on it until about 12 feet down). I don’t dig that sort of thing AT ALL; but I had to show these teenage boys that I could do it (they were actually all afraid to go until after I did). The place was awesome. Now I’m home and severely sunburned. I’ll be bathing in aloe for a few days, so don’t bother me.

Also, apparently singlets are like trading cards for wrestlers. I’m digging the Pokemon and the Old School movie one.

*My photo skills aren’t amazing yet, but I had to practice some. I did the best I could with the equipment I had. I only have the stock lens for my camera, and could definitely use a better one. I couldn’t match a good shutter speed to a good aperture without everything turning out super dark and grainy.

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